From humble beginnings

Born in West London, Mountbatten Homes now has a number of schemes throughout the city and home counties, delivering the high quality homes that are in such short supply.

Though we are much larger today than when we began (and still growing!) our attitude remains the same; ensuring we take the utmost care when it comes to building your future home. We understand that this may be the first property you buy, the place you raise your children, or even the home you grow old in, and we take the responsibility of building your future home very seriously.

Our values


Whether you're a buyer, investor, or any other stakeholder, we pride ourselves on complete transparency within every part of our business. Whether a problem is big or small we tackle it head on and take full accountability for our work. No finger pointing, just problem solving. Our emphasis on a straight forward, honest approach to the industry has been the catalyst behind Mountbatten Homes' strong growth.

Giving back

Giving back to the community and those less fortunate than us is part of our DNA. As well as working with charities that share our values, Mountbatten Homes works closely with the local community when delivering any project to safeguard their interests and take their opinions on board. We operate our charity work in a way that no other developer does, and in doing so we align all of our core values of value for money, honesty and integrity, transparency and accountability.

Value for money

Not only do we deliver an excellent standard of home - we search the world far and wide to ensure you're always getting the best value for money. Unlike most developers, who look to save cost by procuring from around the world, we use our extensive network of suppliers to upgrade the product within each home's set budget, ensuring that you have the highest quality home at the best possible value for money.


We make it a mandatory requirement that our contractors are members of the Considerate Contractors Scheme (CCS) on most sites and guarantee a smooth transition from construction through to occupation, ensuring that new residents of our development are welcomed into the community. We also look to improve local communities, maximising the living space for new occupants as well as their neighbours through intelligent design, sensitive landscaping and diligent project management.

Sustainable living

Mountbatten Homes is a company that believes in investing in the future, which not only encapsulates our award worthy buildings but also the way we build and use them. We're committed to being efficient with our energy, water and waste whilst constructing in a method that is environmentally friendly.

Fostering new communities

As the pace of residential development has increased over the years, many neighbourhoods and communities have disintegrated. At Mountbatten Homes the heart of our mission is to recreate this lost sense of community and neighbourly belonging, be it within a small development of flats or a series of luxury homes. Each development is driven by how it will be used by all its residents - both individually in their homes and collectively as a community.

Family is
important to us

Our values reflect those of a healthy family dynamic, and we aim to replicate this in the work that we do, producing developments that you can truly be proud to call home.

We're looking forward to welcoming you to the Mountbatten family